Stainless steel plates

Stainless steel sheets are subject to strong price fluctuations. Delivery periods further complicate the decision to buy. Enormous amounts of capital are tied up in this mass product. We have set ourselves the task to make these risks manageable for our customers. On more than 10,000 square metres, we stock sheets in different grades, dimensions and types of finish.
We shoulder the storage risk and capital commitment for you and guarantee a high level of material availability.

We always carry stocks of sheets for you in the grades 1.4301/1.4307 and 1.4404/1.4401.
We supply hot-rolled sheet (1 D) in thicknesses from 3.0 mm to 12.0 mm; cold-rolled sheet (2 B) from 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm in the following standard dimensions:

  • … x 1000 x 2000 mm (small)
  • … x 1250 x 2500 mm (medium)
  • … x 1500 x 3000 mm (large)

Sheets are available with the following types of special finish:

  • K240/ K320 ground and foil-coated on one side
  • brushed, foil-coated on one side
  • sheets foil-coated on one side
  • without intermediate paper layer
  • customised dimensions and/or other materials upon request
  • Test certificate after EN 10204/3.1

    Fields of application: 

    • mechanical engineering
    • tank construction
    • building construction
    • offshore technology
    • chemical plant engineering
    • kitchen industry
    • medical technology